Covid-19 Update

For many businesses, there’ll be uncertain times ahead following Covid-19. Those businesses that are currently struggling for profitability, with low cash reserves or unstable cash flows, are particularly vulnerable. However, even businesses that appear to be in good financial shape may not be immune, depending on how long it takes for the economy to recover and for supply and demand chains to return to normal.

Please contact our team on 0808 161 7008 should your business need support in paying for your insurance policies and we can run through what options are available for you.

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Work from Home - Unoccupied Property


Unoccupied property in the commercial sector has increased dramatically since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Following the ...
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Employees working at home

Health and Safety Programmes for Employees in a Flexible Work Environment

As vaccines continue to be distributed and the UK attempts to reopen, many employers are planning to continue ...
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Mental Health

Managing the Mental Health of Returning Employees

The coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of daily life including mental health. Businesses are closed or ...
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Legal expenses

Supreme Court judgment in Business Interruption Test Case

Safe and Insured welcomes the Supreme Court judgment in the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA)’s business interruption insurance test ...
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Business Interruption test case - Gavel

Business Interruption Insurance – Judgment handed down in FCA’s COVID-19 test case

Following the outcome of the high court ruling on the 15th September 2020 regarding whether insurance companies should ...
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Work from Home - Unoccupied Property

Work from home if you effectively can do so for up to 6 months

Following an increase in cases of Covid-19 the government has changed guidance on the 22nd September with the ...
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COVID-19: To SORN or not to SORN, that is the question?

Many businesses may have vehicles “out of use” under the current circumstances and therefore may be considering whether ...
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Insurance Implications of Changing Business Activities or Goods Carried

The world has changed significantly in the past few weeks. Towns and cities that were once bustling with ...
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business interruption

Business Interruption Insurance Explained

Business interruption insurance is a term commonly heard in the media at this present moment. With many businesses ...
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