You wake up one morning and there is water coming through your living room ceiling. There must a leak in the bathroom, you think, but when you get there the bathroom is dry. So where is the leak coming from?

Trace and Acccess

Trace and Access – How does it help?

If you can’t locate a leak in your home or business premises, you may need to bring in a professional, which on some occasions may mean further damage is caused to your property as the leak is located.

Once the leak has been fixed it’s time to put your home back together however, your insurance policy does not include any trace and access. Therefore, your insurance company may cover the cost of repairing the damage caused by the leak, but not the cost of finding the leak or the reinstatement of any damage caused as part of the leak investigation. Consequently, the cost of damage caused when finding the leak falls to you.

Is trace and access standard on an insurance policy?

Not always. Many insurance policies consider trace and access to be an addition to the policy.

Different insurance policies may offer different levels of cover as standard, and it is always worth checking your documents to ensure that the level within your policy, if there is in fact any trace and access cover at all, is sufficient for your needs.

Why speak to a broker?

When setting up or renewing your building’s insurance policy, whether for your home, rental property, or business premises, speaking with a broker like Safe & Insured means you can ensure you have the right policy for your needs. Your Safe & Insured broker will take the time to get to know you, your property and, where appropriate, your business so they are best placed to advise on the right policy. For an no obligation quote, contact Safe and Insured on 0808 161 7008 or email

As an added benefit to our customers, Safe & Insured work with an independent claims management company, Aspray, who act on behalf of the policyholder when they need to make a claim on their building’s insurance.