If you’re a driver you have probably spent some time sat in traffic caused by a motor vehicle accident. Winter often brings an increase in accidents and even the most careful of drivers can end up in a serious collision.

You may think you know what to do next, but a motor vehicle accident happens so quickly that you may find you forget a few steps along the way.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Our guide below has a few handy tips to cover should you find yourself involved in an accident.

In the Event of a Motor Vehicle Accident:

First, stay calm.

  •  Accidents happen quickly and can be upsetting. Stay calm, and don’t argue with others involved in the accident.
  • Don’t admit responsibility or make an apology for the accident until the events of the accident are confirmed. If the accident wasn’t your fault, this can protect you from liability

Prevent additional accidents. 

  • Warn oncoming traffic with a light, flag, or similar device. If possible, turn on your hazard lights.
  • Ensure yourself and others are stood in a safe area, especially if the incident is on a main road or motorway.  

Help the injured. 

  • Do not render first aid unless you are qualified.  Call 9-9-9 if anyone is injured.

Call the police. 

  • Don’t discuss what happened with anyone except the police.

File a report.

  • If the police are unable to respond to your call, you’ll need to go to the nearest police station and file an accident report.

Take photos of the scene

  •  Take photos of the accident from different angles showing the damage to all vehicles and property involved.
  • Photos should also include position of all vehicles involved and the surrounding scene.

Collect relevant information from all parties.

  •  You will need to make a note of the following information:
    • Date and time of the incident
    • Location and weather conditions
    • Description of accident
    • Details of your vehicle: make and model, number plate, damage and your injures.
    • Details of other vehicles: make and model, number plate, name, driver number, contact details, insurance/policy number, damage to vehicle, any injuries.
    • Details of any passengers and pedestrians including contact details
    • Details of any witnesses including contact details

Alert Safe & Insured.

  • Call us to report the accident. To expedite the call, make sure you have the information above to hand.  

Be Prepared

Download our Motor Vehicle Accident Report to keep in your glove box, just in case you ever need it.