Changes to the Insurance Act 2015 came into force Friday the 12th of August.

Insurance act 2015 – Part 2 of the act states that ‘before a contract of insurance is entered into, the insured must make to the insurer a fair presentation of the risk,’ according to a direct gov report.* In another report by, it states that ‘Brokers will no longer be subject to disclosure duties. Disclosure must be made in a reasonably clear and accessible manner, material representations of fact must be made in ‘good faith’.*

Safe and Insured will offer you a tailored service for all of your insurance needs and we will help you to acquire the right level of cover at a fair and transparent price. We also offer a number of different services. The list of services we offer includes home insurance, tradesman insurance, small business insurance, fleet insurance and income protection insurance.

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*You can read both of the reports here: