right to work document checks

All employers must undertake right to work checks on all new or temporary staff. Currently this can be done in three ways.

  • Online via the home office immigration database
  • Virtual checks were allowed during the pandemic where a scan of photo of ID was allowed instead of the original document
  • Manual checks where the original physical documents are inspected

From the 6th April these Right to Work checks change to the following:

  • Any person with a standard work or residence permit now can only have checks carried out online
  • Adjusted checks that were put into place during the pandemic will no longer count from the 5th April
  • Digital checks can be used instead of manual check where the prospective employee can submit images of their documentation rather than bringing in the physical document using identity document validation technology

The new digital checks are for British and Irish citizens however these may be charged for and can range from £1.45 to 370 per check.

In summary the changes mean that from the 6th April any worker on a visa will be online (free), British and Irish Citizens will either be manually (free) or digital (potentially chargeable)

Further details of the changes are available on the government website.

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