The Health and Safety Executive are currently finalising new legislation which will affect Property Owners and Property Managers. The new building safety act is being established as part of changes coming within the HSE which will see them taking a new position as a Building Safety Regulator.

Building safety act will apply to all buildings above 6 storeys

Following the Grenfell disaster there has been a call for tighter regulations and as a result the Building Safety Act will be brought in to ensure the safety of people in and around buildings along with improved and stricter fire safety standards.

Whilst the details are still being finalised it is thought that the new act will cover:

  • A formalised registration process of approved building control inspectors
  • Controls and requirements for the design and construction of higher risk buildings such as tower blocks
  • Prescribed appointments for building works where building regulations apply
  • Competency requirements for appointed or prescribed persons (property managers and owners)

Changes are also due to be made to the fire safety order and the process and requirement of registration for high rise residential buildings.

The act will be applied to all 6 storey or above buildings or 18 meters.  All buildings that fall into this category will be required to register with the building safety regulator within the required time.  The registration will include details regarding the building, the accountable person and supply a safety report. This will in turn produce a building assurance certificate.

The safety report must be produced by the appointed person/s and demonstrate how they are meeting the ongoing duties to assess the risks or building safety and protocols, procedures and risk management controls should a major incident occur.  This needs to be regularly updated with the safety case report and is not a one time report.

The latest this legislation is thought to come into play is October 2023, however HSE have advised it could be as early as April 2023. With this in mind we are advising property owners and managers that fall into this category to begin work now developing robust measures and documentation in readiness for the start of the new act.